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Da Chan Bay Nominated for New and Simplified Joint Clearance Scheme in Shenzhen

Caption: On January 17, 2013, an official meeting to promote the simplified Joint Clearance Scheme was held on site Da Chan Bay Terminal One. Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal government, Mr. Zhang Wen (Middle), Chief Commissioner of Shenzhen Customs, Mr. Li Shuyu (Rignt); Director of Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ), Mr. Liu Shengli (Left) attended the meeting.


Shenzhen, China-Jan 17, 2013 - An official meeting was held on January 17, 2013 at Da Chan Bay Terminal One in moving forward the pilot program of the new and simplified “Joint Declaration, Inspection and Release” clearance service offered by Shenzhen Customs together with Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The service has also been referred to as the Joint Clearance Scheme which went into trial operation on December 3, 2012.

The new fast-track Joint Clearance Scheme allows importers and exporters utilizing Da Chan Bay to enjoy a more efficient customs clearance process, that reduces the number of required inspections, while saving Da Chan Bay customers time and money. The Scheme also creates a more operationally efficient platform for Da Chan Bay's expanding third party logistics network in Western Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta.

Mr. Benjamin Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Da Chan Bay Terminal One commented: “There have been obvious improvements in the customs clearance efficiency of Da Chan Bay since the trial operation of this new simplified Joint Clearance Scheme. Our customers have enjoyed a marked reduction in inspection delays and operating costs under this new program. Information used for cargo declaration is entered only once in the new program, thereby reducing processing time and the potential for data entry errors. The joint inspection of cargo eliminates the need to re-handle containers between inspections, thereby shortening the overall processing time by an average of two hours while reducing instances of vessel delays.

The steady increase of shipping services calling at Da Chan Bay Terminal One over the past year reflects the potential of the Western Shenzhen market. New services calling Da Chan Bay include OOCL’s Intra-Asia and Transpacific services, which began calling Da Chan Bay in August 2012. ”

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About Da Chan Bay Terminal One

Da Chan Bay Terminal One (DCB) is situated in the West Shenzhen Port area in South China.  It is a new international container terminal serving the Pan-Pearl River Delta cargo catchment areas.  DCB covers an area of 112 hectares with five berths along its quay of 1,830 metres long and 600 meters wide.  

Construction of the first two berths was completed in late 2007 and commercial operations started in mid-2008.  Construction for the third berth and the last two berths were completed in late 2008 and early 2009 respectively.   Water depth alongside is currently 15.5 meters and will eventually be dredged to 18 meters, allowing DCB to accommodate the world’s largest existing and planned container vessels.

Occupying a strategic location that encompasses well-developed land and waterway access to both the eastern and western sides of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Da Chan Bay Terminal One provides shipping line customers a distinct opportunity to capture new cargo catchment areas as factories migrate inland and to the west of the PRD. 

Managed by Modern Terminals Limited, which has 40 years of solid experience of container terminal operations in Hong Kong, one of the world’s busiest seaports, Da Chan Bay Terminal One is equipped with the most advanced IT systems, facilities and equipment available. By adopting Modern Terminals’ expertise and a culture that values mutual trust and respect, accountability, customer-focus and teamwork, DCB is committed to providing its customers with a wide-range of services and operational excellence.

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